Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Grit-Nanza!!

Try GRITS in LASAGNA..........??

That's right, you are going to love this.

OK, so here is how it works.

Make Grits how you normally would, although stop the cooking before they set up too firmly. Into a cookie sheet with a small lip, pour the GRITS and allow them to cool in the fridge. Make enough to cover the bottom of your Lasagna pan three times. ( you will be using the grits to layer the lasagna)

OK, I have to admit that the high brow cousin of grits, CORNMEAL, also works very well for this application.

Make your Lasagna like you normally would but instead of using Lasagna Noodles, place the GRIT SHEETS into the pan.....they may break up somewhat as you place them into the bottom of the lasagna cooking pan, that is OK....

Normal layers of cheese, meat sauce etc with the right seasonings and you have an awesome meal....with LEFTOVERS!!