Tuesday, June 1, 2010


If you look closely at this photo of the Shuttle Atlantis, you will notice that the side exposed to the Sun is covered in a White Substance....  It remains "unconfirmed" by the NASA administration, which means it can't be ruled out, that this white covering is actually a baked on coating of ,,,, "THE GRIT"

Look closely....


and you will
see the granularity of the coating. It would be difficult to argue that actual GRITS  aren't used in the
Global Reflectivity Impregnation Technique for the coating on the sunny side of the Shuttle....

With only a few shuttle blasts left in the program, the NASA based demand for GRITS is expected to diminish which is expected to cause a nation wide GRIT GLUT which will undoubtedly cause the GREAT GRIT CRASH of 2010..... Stay tuned for details....

The Gritster

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